Flour Millers demand increase in wheat quote to avoid any flour shortage


ISLAMABAD, FEB 20 (DNA) – A delegation of Islamabad Flour Millers visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry and demanded that the government should enhance the monthly wheat quota to flour mills in the federal capital that would help in ensuring uninterrupted supply of flour to the general public and eliminate all chances for any flour shortage in the region.

Addressing the delegation, Abdul Rehman Khan, Vice President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that though the stocks of wheat across the country were at satisfactory level and there was no shortage of flour, however, further increase in the wheat quota to flour millers would end all prospects for any flour shortage. He said that the price of wheat in the open market was at the highest level and urged that the government should take its notice to avert any further hike in the price of flour.

Abdul Rehman Khan said that the District Food Controller (DFC) Malik Mohammad Zaman was performing his role very satisfactorily as he was constantly checking the supply of flour in the market to curb all chances of flour shortage. He said that Malik Mohammad Zaman was also cooperating in resolving the problems of flour mills. He further said that the departmental case against Malik Mohammad Zaman was unwarranted as he was discharging his responsibilities in the best possible way, therefore, he appealed for withdrawal of case against him. He said that the cases against other DFCs should also be withdrawn.

Abdul Rehman Khan said that more than 70 sale points have been set up in Rawalpindi/Islamabad under the supervision of DFC which were providing ample supply of flour to the people. In addition, the sale of flour in the saholat bazaars was going on at government rates for which the Flour Mills Association, DFC and their staff deserved appreciation.=DNA