Ali Zafar Shares Recipe of His Secret Diet Drink To Stay Fit


ISLAMABAD – Ali Zafar has always been the centre of attention for different reasons specifically on Instagram. Ali Zafar has been winning hearts of his fans over the years. Well… we know that all celebrities are quite conscious about their fitness and so is Ali Zafar. However, fans always wondered how he maintains such a perfect body structure and always wanted to know the secrets behind his fitness. So, for the very first time, Ali has finally shared the recipe of his secret diet drink that helps him in staying fit all the time. Here we have got details and video for all of you!

Ali Zafar Shares Recipe of His Secret Diet Drink To Stay Fit

Want to know the secret behind rockstar’s fitness? So, Ali Zafar recently shared the recipe of the secret diet tea that he takes in the morning every day, in a cup with his wife’s name.

Well… it is actually green tea mixed with other essential ingredients that is the secret of Ali’s fitness and indeed it’s a wonderful thing to have every morning.

this green tea has cardamom, cinnamon, mint leaves, and ginger as well to make it a perfect diet drink. Furthermore, Ali added a teaspoon of honey afterwards so that the tea tastes well.

While adding an element of humour in this video, the rockstar used a cup with the name of his wife considering that it will make him feel even better. Besides, he advised sitting at a spot of your home where you can feel fresh while having the tea sip by sip.

So, what do you think about this diet drink recipe shared by Ali Zafar? Don’t forget to try it and share your valuable feedback with us!