Gwadar port get surrounded with posters/billboard reflecting Sino-Pak peoples’ love



ISLAMABAD, Sept. 14 : Gwadar seaport has been got surrounded with posters and billboards, reflecting the Sino-Pak peoples’ love and deep affection, said a report published by Gwadar Pro on Monday

The posters around the port are nothing but beautiful sceneries, carrying a part of the memory of every “Gwadar people”.

The report says, Gwadar Port is not a very built-up area and one look around, they are many of the unremarkable buildings are carefully plastered with “Chicken Soup for the Soul” posters on the walls.These posters seem to be around everybody.

There are printed on the wall, painted on the billboard, printed on the steps of the parterre, and printed on the steel tube roadside.

The author Chen FanIn stated that he probably found 50 “Chicken Soup for the Soul” posters printed on less than 10 buildings in Gwadar Port. Some of them are proverbs, some are adages and some are catch phrases to enjoy.

Lingering to observer these posters, one can feel the sincerity, passion of the Gwadar Port. One can tell that they are taking it as their home and are sparing no efforts in building this shinning star.

The biggest poster situated on the main road leading to Gwadar Port. That inscribed with “The flower’s every inch; Please see; Please love; Please care by Zhang Yanmei” (located at the Business Center of China Communication Construction Company).

Gwadar Port security checkpoint is the most occupied place with 36 posters. Port House, the place where the staff form China Overseas Ports Holding Company Pakistan are living, is painted with some posters, too.“China and Pakistan friendship is deep as the depth of pacific and Atlantic oceans.”

There is longest one poster, inscribed “Islam a complete way of life. The area where the GwadarPort staff are living in is also termed as “Chinatown”. It is equipped with badminton courts and a mini football field.
These posters lighted up port and brought some refreshing air to hot Gwadar. They are a part of the memory of local people”, and will last forever in their mind.

The author is the director of Relief and Rescue Department of Hubei Red Cross Society, China. He was dispatched to Gwadar to provide medical aid to the locals since last September.