PDF chairman urges the government to start working on improving system



PESHAWAR – Sept 14 – Chairman of the Pakistan Development Foundation (PDF), Muhammad Bilal Sethi has said that like developed countries we should work on educating and training the prisoners enabling them to become useful citizens.

In developed countries, when criminalsare jailed, theyturn them into useful citizens, whereas, in our country, after being jailed they become more expert in crimes. He added that we need to stop crimes, instead of letting the criminals commit crimes and punishing them thereafter. He expressed this while recording a protest for Lahore motorway incident.

Our system should not let the criminal commit a crime in the first place”, Sethi

Sethi, a renowned social activist of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, said that the system needs to be changed. He also raised questions on performance of police and condemned their negligence by saying that when people visit police for registering complaints in mobile snatching and other street crimes, the police clearly says that it could not be traced which makes the masses feel insecure. “If motorway police had responded to the victim’s complaint in time, her sexual assault would not have happened”, he furthered.

PDF chairman, Bilal Sethi remarked that the current government is entrusted with the mandate of improving the system, now is the time that it should practically work on the promises made earlier. He said that jail and police reforms are need of the day while the government can get help from civil society organizations, varsities and educational institutes, educationists and other activists for educating and training the prisoners toward making them useful citizens. He added that the Pakistan Development Foundation is ready to contribute its part in this reformative step.