Hamas, PLO welcome European countries’ recognition of Palestinian state

Hamas, PLO welcome European countries' recognition of Palestinian state

Doha, May 22 (AFP/APP): Hamas and the PLO welcomed moves by Ireland, Norway, and Spain to recognize Palestine. Ireland, Norway, and Spain will formally recognize the State of Palestine on May 28.

This decision comes more than seven months into the Gaza war.

Hamas called this an important step towards affirming their right to their land.

They urged other countries to recognize their national rights.

Senior Hamas official Bassem Naim credited the “brave resistance” of the Palestinian people for this move.

He said this recognition is a result of Palestinian steadfastness.

Naim believes this will be a turning point in international support for Palestine.

The PLO hailed the decision as historical.

Hussein al-Sheikh of the PLO called it a triumph for truth and justice.

Most Western governments, including the US, support Palestinian statehood but await agreements on key issues.

Israel opposes the move, calling it a reward for terrorism.

Israel will recall its envoys to Ireland and Norway for urgent consultations.

They are expected to do the same with their ambassador to Spain.