Punjab CM pledges upgradation of institutions, renames disabled persons as “Enabled”

Punjab CM pledges upgradation of institutions

LAHORE, Dec 2 /DNA/ – Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi attended a ceremony being held in connection with the International Day of Enabled Persons at a local hotel today. CM formally inaugurated the web portal “Enabled” by the Social Welfare Department.

CM Mohsin Naqvi expressed his affection with the enabled children. CM called the female child on the stage who sent messages on the whatsapp to participate in the ceremony and expressed affection with the female child. The enabled female child gave an invitation card to CM Mohsin Naqvi to visit the institution. CM after accepting the invitation said that he would definitely visit the institution. Mohsin Naqvi apprised that this female child invited him by sending a message on the mobile by saying that he has to definitely participate in the ceremony.

After seeing the message, I decided to attend the ceremony after cancelling all my engagements. It is matter of great pride for me to participate in the ceremony of enabled children and it is my duty as well. CM went to an enabled child for doing painting during the ceremony, witnessed painting of the child, commended him and gave him gift also. CM Mohsin Naqvi while addressing the ceremony said that the word “enabled” will be used for the disabled persons in future.

Prompt measures will be undertaken in this regard and no one should call these children disabled but the word “enabled” will be used. A summary should be formulated to use the word “enabled persons” at the official level in this regard. Mohsin Naqvi while announcing to upgrade all the institutions of enabled children directed the Social Welfare Department to chalk out an upgradation plan of institutions in coming seven days and submit it in the Chief Secretary office. We will provide whatsoever resources are required and will get the centres of enabled children upgraded. Mohsin Naqvi revealed that in the past, the budget of special education institutions was allocated to the School Education Department, on account of which the budget used to be allocated with delay for the education, brought up of the children and studying in these institutions.

We have directly transferred the budget to the Special Education Department. Skilled and technical courses will be arranged for the enabled children of more than 18 years in TEVTA so that they can start their business after learning a skill. Chief Secretary has done a great work for the Autistic children. We are establishing state-of-the-art centre for the enabled children by retrieving a land from the land grabbers in Township.

Provincial Minister SHC&ME Dr. Javed Akram and DG Social Welfare also addressed the ceremony. Chief Secretary Zahid Akhtar Zaman, Secretary Social Welfare, Secretary Information, DG Social Welfare, prominent motivational Speaker Qasim Ali Shah and a large number of enabled children participated in the ceremony.