Italian embassy hosts grand fashion show


Ambassador of Italy Andreas Ferrarese says trade volume between Italy and Pakistan has improved significantly

Ansar M Bhatti/DNA

ISLAMABAD: The Italian embassy in Islamabad recently organized a grand Fashion Show within the premises of its under-construction new embassy. This event was notable not only for its celebration of fashion but also for the unique setting of being hosted at a location still undergoing construction.

The new embassy is expected to be completed in April 2024, showcasing a modern and elegant facility that will serve as Italy’s diplomatic hub in Pakistan. However, the current Ambassador of Italy Andreas Ferrarese  announced during the event that he would not be present for the formal inauguration of the new embassy. His departure from Pakistan is scheduled for January 15, 2024.

The decision to hold a Fashion Show at an embassy construction site could be seen as a creative and unconventional choice, blending the worlds of diplomacy and fashion. Such events often serve as cultural exchanges, promoting cross-cultural understanding and collaboration between nations. It’s possible that the embassy aimed to create a memorable and distinctive experience for attendees, highlighting the fusion of Italian style and Pakistani hospitality.

The event drew an impressive crowd, with seemingly the entire city of Islamabad converging on the venue to partake in the spectacle of exquisite dresses meticulously crafted by renowned Pakistani designers.

The ambassador said that the trade volume between Italy and Pakistan has touched two billion euros mark first time in the history of bilateral relations and hoped this figure shall further be improved in the days to come.

 There is a significant Pakistani community residing in Italy, estimated to be around 200,000 individuals. This emphasizes the community’s active participation in contributing to the development of Italy. This involvement implies that members of the Pakistani community are engaged in various aspects of Italian society, such as the workforce, economy, and potentially other spheres like culture and education.

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