Hashoo Group: Leading the way in sustainable tourism: CEO

Hashoo Group: Leading the way in sustainable tourism: CEO

Deputy Chairman & CEO, Hashoo Group, Murtaza Hashwani, on World Tourism Day.


ISLAMABAD – SEPT 26: /DNA/ – Pakistan’s hospitality & tourism industry is poised for a remarkable transformation. From the enchanting northern valleys to the historical treasures in the south, our nation offers a diverse tapestry of experiences for travellers. As we celebrate World Tourism Day 2023 under the theme “Tourism and Green Investment,” it is an opportune moment to reaffirm our collective dedication to sustainable and eco-conscious tourism, a sector with boundless potential for our country and the world.

This global observance underscores the critical importance of channeling investments into initiatives that benefit People, through education and skill development, Planet, via sustainable infrastructure and accelerated green transformation, and Prosperity, by fostering innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

At Hashoo Group, we ardently believe in investing in people and society. The Hashoo Foundation has been providing training and capacity building to over 10,000 individuals in the tourism sector, covering areas such as hotel management, professional culinary arts, food &beverages services, and reception operation services. These training programs have played a pivotal role in assisting local communities in developing the skills and knowledge necessary for the sustainable management of tourism.In addition to this, through the recent establishment of the Hashoo School of Hospitality Management (HSHM) in various cities, we are actively contributing to the creation of a skilled workforce and generating numerous opportunities for the youth of Pakistan.

Moreover, we are staunch advocates for investing in our planet. The Hashoo Foundation has been actively promoting the green economy through a multifaceted approach that includes the advancement of Sustainable Methods and Resilient Technology (SMaRT) villages and the encouragement of environmentally friendly green tourism. The village projects in Gurunjor and Minapin have significantly improved the lives of more than 10,000 villagers. These projects have granted villagers access to clean water and sanitation facilities, assisted farmers in adopting more sustainable agricultural practices, and successfully installed renewable energy systems within the villages.

Our comprehensive Net-Zero initiatives spanning all our properties and our ongoing tree plantation campaigns at our resort hotels, as well as the recent tree plantation collaboration with the Capital Development Authority in Islamabad, exemplify our unwavering commitment to green investment.

The natural beauty of Pakistan and the warmth of its people should not only be cherished by the present generation but also safeguarded for posterity. Our commitment to sustainability holds the power to redefine the sector, elevating it from a mere source of revenue to a potent catalyst for positive change.

Together, let us embark on this voyage toward sustainable tourism and green investment. In doing so, we ensure that Pakistan’s pristine landscapes, culturally rich heritage, and unmatched hospitality endure as everlasting gifts to the world. Let us collectively envision a future where tourism and green investment are not disparate endeavours but harmonious forces, working in tandem to preserve the beauty and vitality of our precious planet. Together, we can turn this vision into a reality. Happy World Tourism Day!

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