Prince Harry’s living on King Charles’s ‘apron strings’


Prince Harry has just been accused of letting his old ‘anti-Firm rhetoric’ cloud his judgement and thoughts about the Royal Family and their role in bringing the Invictus Games to light.

Claims and admissions about Prince Harry have been referenced by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on everything in one of her pieces for

In the piece she said, “I’m not trying to knock the duke down a peg but it does him no favours to not offer a fuller picture of how this came to be and being upfront about the fact that it was his membership of the royal family that allowed him to create this magnificent thing that is the Invictus Games.”

“It might not tally with his anti-Firm rhetoric these days but it was the resources, contacts and convening power of the crown that made the Games possible in the first place,” she later added during the course of the piece.

“Post-Megxit, it might be an inconvenient truth but it was not just him but his brother and sister-in-law who have been fighting the good fight for years when it comes to helping the untold millions with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses,” Ms Elser also added before concluding.