Cheapest private Hajj package to cost Rs1.18 million


ISLAMABAD, APR 03 (DNA) — At least 12 packages have been announced for the private Hajj operators, and the cost of the cheapest package is Rs1180,000 while that of the most expensive one is over Rs3 million.

Dr Attaur Rahman, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Religious Affairs, said that the pilgrims who wanted more than the specified facilities would have to pay more. “Some private Hajj pilgrims go to Saudi Arabia in the last days of Hajj. A few days before Hajj, hotels become expensive. Four- and five-star hotels become more expensive,” he added.

“If a pilgrim wants to stay alone in a five-star hotel, the Hajj operator will be allowed to receive more than Rs3.4 million,” he stated. “A comprehensive strategy has been formulated for the monitoring of private Hajj operation by the operators.

The private Hajj operation will be monitored to ensure the provision of promised facilities,” he averred. “The violation of rules and regulations and non-provision of the promised facilities will be punished. The Ministry of Religious Affairs has set a regular procedure for determining punishments,” he warned.

As per the official sources, Pakistan’s quota for Hajj this year is 179,210, and half of the quota has been allocated for the private Hajj scheme. Under the private Hajj scheme, as many as 89,605 Pakistani pilgrims will be able to perform Hajj. — DNA