LPP organizes dialogue to mark the Interfaith Harmony Week


Lodhran, Feb 9: /DNA/ – A dialogue on interfaith harmony was organized by the Lodhran Pilot Project in Lodhran. The World Interfaith Harmony Week was aimed to promote harmony between all people regardless of their faith. LPP organized a dialogue with an intention to mark the Interfaith Harmony Week on the significance and importance of inclusion, social cohesion and coexistence. Session was attended by 20 participants including Aawaz-II District Forum, Village Forum members, religious scholars including Muslim scholar Maulana Naseer Babar, Pastor Imran Bahadur, Pandit Kishori Lal, local government, like-minded organizations and activists. Religious scholars from the Muslim, Christian and Hindu communities highlighted the importance of interfaith harmony in accordance with their respective religions.In this dissertation, Ms. Aalia Sundus (District Manager Aawaz-II), shared key significant activities organized by LPP in line with the subject session. She also added that how LPP has been able to reach out maximum marginalized segments of the target districts under AAWAZ-II program to reaffirms that mutual understanding and inter-religious dialogue constitute important dimensions of a culture of peace.Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Saleh (Additional Deputy Commissioner General Lodhran) chaired this dialogue and while expressing his views said that Lodhran is a peaceful city where people of different religions live. Everyone has religious freedom and they are living according to their religion. In the end of the session, the participants pledged to spread awareness among the people to promote inter-religious harmony in their respective areas so that a peaceful atmosphere could be promoted and established in Lodhran on a sustainable basis.