Mushaal expresses concern over demographic changes in IIOJK


ISLAMABAD, Oct 28 : Mushaal Hussein Malik a human rights activist & wife of Yasin Malik Thursday expressed her serious concern over the Indian government’s purported plans to trigger new “demographic changes” in IIOJK where thousands of Hindu communities were being given new residency, domicile, and voters rights.

Talking to a private news channel, she calls upon the international community, including the United Nations, world parliaments, international human rights and humanitarian organizations, and global media to take immediate action on this current situation.

 India must be stopped from any further illegal activity in the occupied territory, she appealed. 

She further said the Indian government has plans to settle around 80 to 90 % of Indians in Jammu and Kashmir and then hold a plebiscite as demanded under the UN Security Council resolutions.

 She regretted that Kashmiris have been living under military siege and have no communication with the outside world, adding, the world must put pressure on India to stop its inhuman policies in occupied Kashmir.

 Mushaal Malik also urged Pakistan to keep continuing its efforts on a war footing for giving the Kashmiri the right of self-determination at all international forums as due to the efforts of Pakistan the international community has started realizing that resolving the Kashmir issue is important for regional peace.

 Scrapping the special status of Kashmir has weakened India’s position on every global level and no one in Kashmir wants to live under Indian subjugation, she added.