Ambassador Nicolae Goia says 77 year later, Romania is today a powerful state allies and partners can rely on

Special Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Romania to Pakistan Nicolae Goia has acknowledged the excellent professional level of the Pakistani Army and the good relations existing between the military and the ministries of defense of our two countries. The high level of interaction between the embassy and prominent commanders of the Pakistani Armed Forces have identified a large number of fields where we can strenghten ad diversify the cooperation.

Ambassador Goia expressed these veiws while speaking ont the occasion of the Armed Forces Day of Romania.

He furhter siad, it was a real privilege for him and colonel Leonard VEZA, Romanian Defense Attache to warmly welcome all guests in joining the celebration of Romanian Army`s Day. On 25th of October 1944, Romanian Army had liberated the last inch of our homeland territory from alien occupation. The sacrifices of more than 700.000 military who paid the ultimate price during the four years of fierce battles, made Romania the fourth contributing power in defeating Fascism in the WWII.

He said, 77 year later, Romania is today a powerful state allies and partners can rely on, a pillar of stability and security provider in our region and worldwide, with an Army operating at highest professional standards, being ready and fully prepared to contribute to the protection of European and democratic community of values. The proximity of the Eastern border of the Euro-Atlantic space makes Romania both a gate-locker and a strategic opener of the roads. The multiple threats to the glocal security, terrorism above all, make cooperation between all peace loving countries in the world in confronting the menaces of extremism of all kind, more critical and necessary then in other moment of the history.

As a responsible member of the European Union my country is contributing fully to the EU endeavor to cope with the great transformations and challenges for the future of the European project. In a probably most complicated world than ever before, my country had fully demonstrated its capacity to become and added value to the process of attaining the fundamental objectives of the European Union as well as building confidence in the capacity of the Union to overcome all the difficulties and emerge even stronger and more united. Living in the critical time of COVID it is absolutely imperative to have unity and cohesion of all member states of the EU in order to fight a crisis the mankind never had encountered in the past. We are confident that as much as difficult the situation appears to be, by the synergetic efforts of all nations we will finally manage to have our lives back.

Presently, Romania`s Army takes part in various international peace keeping, combatting terrorism and humanitarian missions in the most difficult and sensitive regions of the Planet. We are proud that two Romanian officers are currently serving in UNMOGIP, he added.

While condlcuing his speech the ambassador said, as we celebrate Romanian Army`s Day, I hope for an even stronger partnership between Romania and Pakistan to benefit of the tremendous opportunities and potential that lie ahead.

On this auspicious occasion I also would like to convey to the Pakistani people and all the women and men serving in the Pakistani Army a sincere message of friendship as well as warm wishes of peace and prosperity.