ISLAMABAD, SEPT 10 (DNA) – MIYAWAKI Akira, a Japanese botanist and expert in plant ecology passed away at the age of 93 in July this year. In Pakistan, He is known for “Miyawaki method,” tree planting approach actively promoted at the initiative of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Under this approach, dozens of species that suit the environment are planted in the same area, close to each other, which ensures their growth in a competitive environment, allowing the trees to grow faster compared to normal plantation.

On the sad demise of Dr. Miyawaki, PM Khan conveyed his sincerest condolences, which has been shared with Yokohama National University, where Dr. Miyawaki worked as Professor Emeritus. In response, Mr. UMEHARA Izuru, President of Yokohama National University, has conveyed his appreciations to PM Khan upon receiving his condolence message.

H.E. Mr. MATSUDA Kuninori, the Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan honors the life and work of the late Professor Miyawaki, and expresses deepest appreciation to the Prime Minister for his condolences and sympathies over the passing away of Dr. Miyawaki and also for his initiative of adopting the “Miyawaki Method”. “I hope that by tree planting activities, with the cherished memory of the late Professor Miyawaki, trees and forests throughout Pakistan will grow strongly, as Pakistan will do certainly”, said the Ambassador.