Islamabad, AUG 27: /DNA/ – Justice Javed Chairman NAB has said that NAB, Pakistan’s focal organisation under the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) which is an honour and pride for Pakistan which has recovered Rs.822 billion directly and indirectly since inception.
He said that NAB is committed to a corruption free Pakistan as NAB officers are considering eradication of corruption from Pakistan as their national duty. The NAB chairman said that NAB was set up to eradicate corruption and recover money looted from corrupt elements.
Since its inception, the NAB has directly and indirectly deposited Rs. 822 billion directly and indirectly while the conviction rate in NAB cases is 66 per cent wHich is an excellent performance compared to other anti-corruption organisations.
He said that performance of NAB has been appreciated by reputed national and international organizations like Transparency International Pakistan, World Economic Forum, PILDAT and Mishaal Pakistan.
According to the Gilani & Gallup survey, 59% of people trust the NAB.
According to the Gilani & Gallup poll, 59% of people have shown trust upon NAB.
He said that NAB is the first Chairman of SAARC Anti-Corruption Forum. NAB is a role model for SAARC countries due to its awareness, prevention and enforcement policy.
Pakistan is the only country that has signed a memorandum of understanding with China to enhance cooperation and oversee CPEC projects in the context of eradicating corruption.
He directed NAB officers to redouble their efforts to bring corrupt elements to justice and collect the money looted from them and deposit it in the national treasury so that the country can move on the path of development and prosperity and development projects can be completed.
He said that NAB has set up a system of Joint Investigation Team consisting of two Investigation Officers, Legal Consultant, Financial Expert and Forensic Expert as a team under the supervision of Additional Director / Case Officer and the concerned Director to ensure that inquiries and investigations are conducted in a transparent and lawful manner.
And to be brought to their standard by collective wisdom.
NAB has set up the first forensic science laboratory with digital forensics, questionnaires and fingerprint analysis facility. NAB has set up its own Training and Research Academy in which special training is being given to investigation officers and prosecutors on modern lines. He said that NAB has set up an anti-money laundering cell at its headquarters. NAB has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Higher Education Commission to aware students aware of the ill effects of corruption in colleges and universities.
This strategy has proved very successful. In order to improve the performance of NAB, all the regional bureaus of NAB are being monitored on regular basis.
NAB respects business community due to its vital role progress and prosperity of country.
NAB has no affiliation with any political party group or individual. NAB belongs only to the State of Pakistan. Chairman NAB directed all regional bureaus that NAB officers should respect all persons coming to NAB as NAB is a people friendly organization.