ISLAMABAD, AUG 23 /DNA/ – Mohamed Karmoune, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Pakistan visit FPCCI Capital office Islamabad. to advises business community of Pakistan to visit Morocco for Business and Trade enhancement. President FPCCI Main Nasseer Hyatt Maggo , Head FPCCI capital Office Islamabad Haji Qurban Ali, Coordinator FPCCI Capital Office Islamabad Welcome the Ambassador of Morocco. 

Ambassador of Kingdom of Morocco Mohammed Karmoune, while indicating to enhance trade volume between Pakistan and Morocco, advised the Business & Industrial Community of Islamabad to arrange trade delegations’ visit at least twice a year in order to explore trade and investment opportunities in Morocco which is the gateway to the African region. And advice Pakistan business community to send with mutual understanding trade delegates to Morocco as well, for the above said purpose.

Addressing to a Leading Business Community of Pakistan In FPCCI during his visit to the FPCCI Capital Office Islamabad, he added that Pakistani business community must look for trade and investment opportunities in Morocco and benefit from Morocco’s free trade agreements with United States and European Union. And tourism and exchange of herbal products and fertilizer as well are the sectors in which both sides needs to be focused and work together.

And other relevant sectors like Halal food exports, food and beverages, and other relevant products has to be mutually exports to each other countries and business scale has to be high, while sharing and exchange of technology . 

President FPCCI Mian Nasseer Hyattt Maggo in his welcome and introductory address,  introduce about working of FPCCI apex body it’s relevant sectors and also offer mutual business delegations exchange often sector wise in near future. Also intruded CPEC it’s regional importance and market in near future and invite Morocco to invest in CPEC important regions Gwader and Gilgit Baltistan as well. Both Pakistan and Morocco agreed to work further for enhancement of trade between two countries having bounding of cultural in heritage also as well.

President FPCCI said that with both country’s business delegates exchange it will be easy for business men to play in vital role of economy of both sides. The idea of B to B meeting while using the facility of webinar was also discussed in the said meeting due to Covid-19 situation as it’s easy to be held.

 Moroccan Ambassador said, “Trade volume between Morocco and Pakistan is not at the level being expected by the business communities of the two countries hence collective efforts will have to be made from both sides to improve the existing low trade volume. In this regard, we will have to jointly explore sectors/ areas where the Moroccan and Pakistani business communities could collaborate.” H.E. Ambassador of Morocco said that Morocco is the gateway to entire African region and a trading hub where lot of well-established ports exist particularly the port of Tangier.  He said that tourism is an important driver of the Moroccan economy. Pakistan too has a great potential in this sector.

 The two countries can exchange ideas in the field of tourism promotion as well and can utilize each other experiences in the sector of tourism in near future, and for this purpose people to people (one to one) meeting is necessary.

President FPCCI said that in his opinion there is a great potential for enhancing bilateral trade relations between Morocco and Pakistan, as Morocco is located at the gateway of Africa and Europe and offers great economic opportunities which should be explored. “Both countries must look for cooperating with each other particularly in those sectors in which the two have comparative advantage”, he added.

Former Vice President FPCCI Ali Quaid, Vice President Mandi Bahauddin  Muhamamd Zahid Patiala, Senior Member Gilgit CCI Muhammad Raziq, Former Senior member ICCI Ameen ur Rehman Former Senior Vice President Islamabad Small Chamber of Ch Saeed were present in the meeting, Where as Business Ladies from Rawalpindi Women Chamber, Advocate Miss Sheeba, Miss Naveeda Khan, Miss Shazia Tariq, Miss Almas Akhtar, and Miss Shazia Hassan were also present in the meeting.

Both the Ambassador of Morocco and President of FPCCI agreed for exchange of trade delegation soon, and people to people contact for enhancement of trade volume as it has to be due to regional needs. Meeting took place in very business friendly and brotherly environment.=DNA