Tree planting campaign to make Islamabad more green in full swing


ISLAMABAD (DNA): In order to make the Federal Capital more green, beautiful and attractive the campaign is in full swing, the CDA environment department on the directions of the CDA management plants, trees in the monsoon throughout Islamabad

In this regard, the Department of Environment of has decorated the Argentine Park in Islamabad with beautiful and attractive colorful seasonal flowers which have become the center of attention of the citizens and every visitor. They are refreshing the eyes by showing a charming and charming scene and at the same time these colorful flowers are inviting every special and ordinary person.

In addition, under the special direction of CDA management, the Department of Environment is busy decorating other parks, roads, intersections, green belts, slopes along drains of Islamabad with beautiful colorful seasonal flowers. Duties have also been distributed among the concerned staff with proper planning

In this regard, orders have been issued by the CDA administration to the Department of Environment to further expedite the work.=DNA