First Global Web Business News in Memoni Language Starts from Pakistan


The largest business community in South Asia and Africa gets their business news updates in Vyapar Samachar produced by the Television News Network (TNN)

Islamabad, MAR 12 – The Global Memon population consisting of 1.8 millionMemons in South Asia and Africa will be getting their Business News from Pakistan covered in “Vyapar Samachar”. The daily news roundup will be available in Memoni language on RINSTRA’s digital platform.

TNN and RINSTRA are also producing a business show with the community’s business leaders featured in the weekly show Vyapar Mukhiya”.The weekly one on one show, highlights the professional and personal struggle of business leaders in the Memon community. Vyapar Samachar/Mukhiya include great stories of inspiration for the youth to follow the footsteps of the great minds of our times.

Pakistan’s most prominent entrepreneurial community is the Memon Community. It has been admired for its business acumen, enterprising spirit, grit and patience, honesty and philanthropic inclination. The community is involved in multiple businesses including, Textile, Banking, Shipping, Fertilizer, Chemical, Food, and Power & Oil. The Business News “Vyapar Samachar” aims to represent the Memon community in Pakistan particularly and in South Asia and Africa in general, which plays a key role in business environment of Pakistan.

Sattar Habib, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Television News Network (TNN) said “It was my dream to start the First Memon News Channel in the World and with this partnership we have laid the foundation stone for this unique genre of information to originate from Pakistan.” He further said, “With news in Memoni language, we are serving the global Memon community. This will enhance regional integration, understanding across borders and a sense of belonging with each other. The business news will encourage credible and timely news flow to the global citizens of the community. The initiative of RINSTRA will not only spread the news but will also create better understanding about the business environment among the business communities that want to do business and trade with Pakistan.”

Dr. Adil Akhtar, Co-founder and Chairman of RINSTRA and Vice President DICE Foundation USA said, “the mission of RINSTRA is to promote the entrepreneurial culture in Pakistan, the best way to do so is to engage and showcase of the success stories from Pakistan, depicting the true entrepreneurial spirit of the Pakistani dream, ‘work hard, be consistent, show resilience and move forward’, through Vyapar Smachar and Vyapar Mukhiya, RINSTRA, aims to share stories of these business leader in their own language and culture.”

Amir Jahangir, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RINSTRA said, “Pakistan has great stories to tell the world, it is not just the politics and the war on terror related issues that occupy the global news space in the context of Pakistan, but a country of more than 220 million people has more to do with its people, culture, business, finance and economic development related issues. We are confident that “Vyopar Samachar” will become to torch bearer of Pakistan’s economic agenda first within the business community and then across the globe.”

Today, a major chunk of the Memon Community is based out of Pakistan and India; apart from significant communities in the United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Middle East, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Namibia, Malawi, Kenya, Mauritius, Singapore Burma and Australia.

“It was my dream to start the First Memon News Channel in the world and this partnership with RINSTRA, we have laid the foundation stone for this unique genre of information to originate from Pakistan.” – Sattar Habib,Founder andChief Executive Officer Television News Network (TNN) 

Memoni is the language that Memons speak. The Memons of different regions have slightly different styles of speaking this language, thanks to local influences and years of isolation from each other. However, these dialects remain mutually intelligible. Memoni is believed to have originated as a dialect of Sindhi. It is mutually intelligible with Kutchi with borrowed vocabulary from Gujarati, Hindi-Urdu and lately English. Memoni as a language does not have its own script. However, in the past, there have been attempts to write Memoni using Gujrati and Urdu scripts. Off late, with the increasing popularity of computers and communication mediums such as emails, messages, etc. Memoni has increasingly started being written in the Roman Script too. Across the world, Memons are no longer mere businessmen or industrialists, they are now among the most enlightened and progressive communities in the world. 

Television News Network (TNN) is Pakistan’s leading news network, which is a pioneer in multimedia news services. TNN has been fuelled by the desire to fulfill the basic human urge and curiosity for knowledge and information. Sheer truthfulness, credibility, and quality are the guiding principles of TNN. More than 400 professionals, working in different television channels, have been trained and groomed by Television News Network under Mr. Sattar Habib’s personal supervision and now they are occupying prominent positions.

RINSTRA is the outcome of the thought leadership of Dice Foundation USA’s Creative Arts and Media Initiative (DICE CAM). It is part of Dice Foundation’s National Innovation Basket (NIB) program, which aims to create media as a corner stones of Pakistan’s growth strategy. RINSTRA is Pakistan’s first short-form digital media platform for on-demand streaming and for creation of user generated original content on iRINSTRA. The organization provides entrepreneurship opportunities to emerging and established content creators and film makers in Pakistan and beyond. RINSTRA gives content creators access to a large Pakistani community around the globe, and ithas been able to create a unique platform that offers dramas and films, while enabling users to generate their own content on the same platform. It also has a feature for Content Competition where, more than 100 academic institutions in Pakistan are competing on various thematic areas. The Fest feature of the application has provided some of the leading Film Festivals to partner with RINSTRA for digital viewing of their films and documentaries. This has created an unprecedented experience for viewers in the country.