Tourism could help Pakistan to overcome poverty: Huang Xihua


BEIJING, Mar. 4 : Tourism could help Pakistan to achieve its poverty alleviation targets, said General Manager of Guangdong Provincial Tourism Holding Co. Huang Xihua, who is also a representative of the National People’s Congress.

A report published by Gwadar Pro on Thursday stated that poverty alleviation and tourism development are two major focuses for Pakistan this year.

Huang Xihua believes that the development of tourism can become important assistance in poverty alleviation.

During the upcoming Two sessions in China, Huang Xihua will submit the proposal on making full use of rural tourism in rural revitalization.

He said, tourism is the most environmentally friendly method for a rural place to develop. Also, we often call tourism mobile wallet, which can attract consumers and promote local agricultural products.”

” He used to work on poverty alleviation in Linzhi, Tibet. We prioritized tourism and built a Tibetan-style town with a visitor center, hotels, commercial streets, etc.”

According to Huang Xihua, that project boosted the local economy. The environment, infrastructure, and public services are improved a lot. “It has also driven the development of local B&B and increased the local employment. ” She said.

“Internet+Tourism” is the keyword of Huang Xihua’s last year’s work. “During the epidemic, our hotels tried room pre-sale through live-broadcasting and started food delivery service.

We also opened our online store. These measures effectively helped relieve ourloss caused by the epidemic.”

After experience sharing, Huang Xihua also gave some suggestionsforthe development of Pakistan tourism.

“Roads building is the priority, it is also the access to prosperity,”she emphasized. “Outdoor tourism facilities also need to be improved. In outdoor parks in Hong Kong, there are rest stops for visitors to get some water and recharge.”

“Specification of customers is also very important. Our travel agency has set up a special photography tour group for economic basal retirees.

An outdoor tour agencyplans to bring 99 newly married couples to walk 99 kilometers along the Gobi on September 9th this year.” In China, 99 has a special meaning of “long-lasting”.

Huang Xihua said that the plan was inspired by the increasing divorce rate in China. The planner wants to make this tour a representation of couples overcoming difficulties in marriage and then live happily ever after.