PNC asks world to stop Israel from annexing Palestine territories


RAMALLAH (DNA) -Palestine National Council (PNC) called on the parliaments of the world and their regional and international unions, foremost of which is the International Parliamentary Union, to build on the message of the European parliamentarians to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to stop the colonial annexation project in the occupied Palestinian territories.

In a press statement today, Monday, PNC said that the message of 442 European parliamentarians from the parliaments of 22 European countries constitutes a responsible sensing by them of the threat to the future of the peace process in the region, as a result of the Israeli occupation authorities continuing violations of international law and international legitimacy decisions related to the Palestinian issue, especially the decision of the International Security Council No. 2334 of 2016.

PNC welcomed the contents of the message of the parliamentarians addressed to the European foreign ministers, and their request to exert more pressure on the Israeli occupation to stop the de facto annexation of the occupied Palestinian territories.

PNC praised what was stated in the parliamentarians’ message that it is necessary to work to prevent the occupation unilateral action undermining the possibility of peace, and urged the European Union and European countries to demonstrate leadership capacity and use various political tools in their possession to stop the Israeli violations in the Palestinian occupied territories.

PNC called on the European Union governments to take practical steps and build on this message to stop the de facto annexation that is progressing rapidly, especially the increase in the pace of rapid settlement expansion, the demolition of Palestinian property and the displacement of their owners within the framework of the Judaization program practiced by the occupation authorities in the occupied State of Palestine.