CDA begins planting seasonal flowers to enhance beauty of federal capital



ISLAMABAD: To enhance the beauty of federal capital before the onset of spring CDA administration has started planting trees on large scale. The CDA administration plans to plant 2.5 million roses, flowering plants and seasonal trees this spring.

According to details, the process of planting seasonal plants and trees along with roses and flowering plants is also underway. Moreover seasonal flowers are also being planted in parks of the city. In this regard, flowering plants have been planted at various places including Margalla Road, Jinnah Avenue, 9th Avenue, 7th Avenue, F-10 Chowk, I-8, Kachnar Park, Silman Park, F-9 Park.

Kashmir Highway, I-9, I-10, I-, Green Belt, IJP and other places have been extensively planted with Banyan, Bean tree, Kachnar, poplar, pine and other trees. Work is also underway to plant 10,000 roses of 50 varieties at Rose & Jasmine Garden. Beds of various designs have also been prepared on constitution avenue, 7th Avenue, Zoo Chowk, Margalla Road and other major highways.