Efforts to ensure water supply during summer continues: Chairman CDA


ISLAMABAD, FEB 23 (DNA) – The work of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for ensuring the water supply during summer is continued. Old pipelines are being repaired, new pipelines are being installed and the work of repairing of tube wells, water tankers, filtration plants is underway. A new water project is also being considered.

According to detail, the administration of CDA is committed for providing basic facilities to the citizens. Planning for a new project of water supply is also underway.

The department of water supply repaired various pipelines, tube wells, motors during last few days. CDA has total 194 tube wells. 10 out of these tube wells are none functional. 19 are being repaired. Boring process is continued on 14 tube wells.

Repairing work is underway at Distribution Division South in sector I-9, I-10/1, I-10/2, I-10/3, I-9/4, and I-8. Pipe lines are being repaired at Distribution Division North in sector G-11/1, G-11/3, G-9, F-8, and G-10. Work of restoration and repairing of pipes is also underway in other areas.

17 tankers are being used to provide water in the areas where there is issue of water. Pipeline of the water works of sector G-10 has been made functional. New cable has been installed in sector G-9/3.=DNA