PNC: What Israel is doing in Jerusalem are crimes need int’l accountability


ISLAMABAD, JAN 27 (DNA) – The crimes of the Israeli occupation authorities in occupied Jerusalem and its sanctuaries and national, historical and archaeological symbols require international accountability and punishment for violating international resolutions related to occupied Jerusalem, including what was decided by UNESCO, PNC said.

In a statement issued today, PNC added, that the occupation authorities’ insistence on preventing all renovation works in the holy Mosque, Al-Aqsa, disrupting the entry of required materials necessary for maintenance, and the previous measurements of spaces and buildings inside the holy Mosque, Al-Aqsa, continuing restrictions on the employees of the Islamic Endowments Department in the Mosque The summons and arrests of the guards come in line with completing the implementation of Jerusalem Judaization project and its Islamic and Christian holy sites, and tightening the occupation security and political control over it.

PNC statement explained that these violations come as an extension of Israeli Judaization project under the name of “East Jerusalem City Center Plan” to distort the heart of the historic city of Jerusalem with its neighborhoods, markets, and streets, and change its Arab, Islamic and Christian character, including the Islamic cemeteries in it, which was affected by the occupation tools of aggression and sabotage and violating its sanctity.

The Israeli occupation’s persistence in obliterating the landmarks of the city of Jerusalem, as is happening now with the Palace of the Mufti: Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem, and the plans to convert it into a Jewish synagogue, and plundering its history, national symbolism and historical value, is a flagrant violation of the Hague Convention and the Geneva Conventions, PNC continued, “UNESCO” organization decisions rejected the claim of Israeli sovereignty over the city of Jerusalem as an occupied Palestinian city.

The statement pointed out that the control of the Palace of the Mufti by force ten years ago, and the demolition of the Shepherd Hotel and the establishment of a settlement on the neighboring land, aims at isolating the north of the Holy City from its Palestinian surroundings by a settlement girdle.

PNC appealed to the free Arab and Islamic nations, their governments, parliaments and institutions, to assume their responsibilities by implementing the political, financial and media decisions to save the city of Jerusalem and its Christian and Islamic sanctities, especially the Holy Mosque, before it is too late, and not to leave it alone confronting the Israeli tools of oppression and Judaization, and to thwart its desperate Israeli attempts to impose its sovereignty over the city of Jerusalem.

History and generations to come will never have mercy on anyone who is negligent or excessive in the blessed Arabic and Islamic Al-Aqsa Mosque, the first of the two Giblas and the third to the two Holy Mosques, and the Ascent of our honorable Messenger to heaven.=DNA