Efforts being made to expand PRCS outreach: Abrar ul Haq


ISLAMABAD, JAN 27 (DNA) – Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) Chairman Abrar ul Haq has said that efforts are being made to expand outreach of the organization in order to utilize its full potential for service to the humanity.

In a statement, the chairman said the PRCS plans to extensively work in the core areas of health services, disaster risk reduction, migration and social services during the next five years under the newly developed five-year strategic plan.

He said reforms are being introduced in the organization to plug any existing loopholes and improve its performance and service delivery. He said under the new strategic plan, talks are underway with many local and international organizations to find new avenues of cooperation.

Abrar ul Haq reiterated his resolve to transform the PRCS into a role model of quick humanitarian assistance. “We have already introduced a number of positive changes. Where there was room for improvement, we brought in innovation.

We created new departments, which were not existent, for functions which were indispensable,” he said. “It is because of my extensive charity work experience and humanitarian services that Prime Minister Imran Khan has entrusted me with the huge responsibility of transforming this premier organization,” he said, adding that all the initiatives taken by him are in the best interest of the organization.

“Our performance during the challenging times of Covid-19 pandemic has been acknowledged not only nationally but also at the global level,” he added.

Abrar ul Haq said special focus is being laid on transformation of the organization in order to bring transparency, especially in human resource, logistics, inventory, finance, transport and procurement departments.

He lamented that some elements are busy in campaigning against the organization for their personal interests. He said he has introduced the policy of zero tolerance towards any type of corruption and malpractices within the organization. “I am here to completely reform the organization … any NRO to anyone involved in wrongdoings is just out of question,” he resolved.=DNA