Haleem Adil demands putting name of Murad in ECL


KARACHI, JAN 20 (DNA) – Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Central President Haleem Adil Sheikh has demanded that the name of Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah should be put on the ECL, in the backdrop of probe about his corruption by the NAB.

Addressing a press conference at Sindh Assembly here Wednesday flanked by Bilal Ghaffar, Dr Imran and others said that the front man of Sindh rulers Anwar Majid is involved in tractor scam and he was also given subsidy of billions of rupees in Dadu Sugar Mills and Thatta Sugar Mills.

He said these corrupt people also harmed the Sindh Bank and they are also involved in Nooriabad power plant scam.

He said probe should also be held about the assets of Fiyaz Jatoi, whose family members are officers of up to 22-Grade. Their bank accounts should also be probed. He said there is a huge corruption in Roshan Sindh Program.

He said Sharjeel Inam Memon is involved in mega corruption and the Sindh assembly speaker has included his name in Penal of Chairmen. He said these corrupt rulers devoured Rs920million in the name of castration of stray dogs. He said these people have made government schools non-functional, which are now being used as animal pens.

Haleem Adil said that since 2007 the nation is seeing that one man is involved in all corruption in Sindh, who own the portfolio of finance. He said billions of rupees received under the NFC Award have been shifted to the pockets of the corruption mafia.

He said Rs2.47 billion of pensioners also went to the corruption mafia. He said Salim Bajari and Dawach are front men of Murad Ali Shah in these corrupt practices. He said a school teacher of Thatta has already died due to mental stress because of fake bank accounts in his name in Dadu.

Talking about Maulana Fazalur Rehman, Haleem Adil said the Maulana and Nawaz Sharif sent two delegations to Israel and now Maulana is coming to Karachi to hold an anti-Israel rally. He said now the Maulana could not befool the nation. He asked the Maulana not to use the students of seminaries for his political rallies.

He said the opposition alliance is giving new deadlines after expiry of previous deadlines but they are not willing to tender resignations. He said they even would not hold a sit-it in February.

However, PTI leader Bilal Ghaffar said that his party is trying to highlight the issues of Sindh in a better way. He said Model Ayan Ali and Omni Group cases show that the looted money went to the bank accounts of Zardari corruption system.

He said officers of grade 19 and 20 are involved in this corruption. He said Hassan Naqvi has already applied for plea bargain. He said Rs2500billion were tagged for development but no one knows where these funds have gone.

However, Haleem Adil said we will expose their corruption before the masses. He said Bilawal is not also innocent. He said we will initiate a Go Murad Go protest drive. =DNA