Zero tolerance policy


The district administration in Lahore is quite active in sealing businesses and shops that violate the safety protocols against COVID-19. Showing no leniency to those who abuse the standard operating procedures (SOPs) is the only way forward to contain the virus’s spread. There is no other way to reduce the contraction rate in the provincial capital, which has consistently been the COVID hotspot.

This zero-tolerance-policy should be implemented across the country against those who do not follow the safety guidelines. Especially now that the new strain of the virus has been identified in the country, the federal and provincial governments must contain the latest variant in the bud. If we show negligence, the situation can aggravate on an unimaginable scale.

There has been some marginal decline in the reporting of new cases. The relatively low numbers of new patients show that the government is somewhat succeeding in containing the virus. Nevertheless, the decrease in no way suggests that the threat has been averted entirely. We still need to remain extra careful and must follow the government’s advisory strictly. Everyone amongst us has a dual responsibility of not only protecting themselves from the virus but also those around them. By now, people should have become aware of the virus’s deadly potential.

Thankfully, many vaccines are now available in the markets—the international ones at least. Pakistan’s government has also decided to procure one million doses. However, those who are on the frontline against the virus will be given the first shots. Immunisation of the whole population against the virus will take a considerable time. This means that the vaccine will not be available to the average person soon. Therefore, the only way to remain protected from the virus’ adverse effects is to take all safety measures, which have proved quite effective against COVID-19.