CTP providing 24/7 licensing facilities to citizens

CTP providing 24/7 licensing facilities to citizens

RAWALPINDI, MAY 12 (DNA) — The Chief Traffic Office (CTO) of Rawalpindi, Taimur Khan, said on Sunday that the City Traffic Police (CTP) were providing licensing facilities to the citizens 24/7 at the Traffic Headquarters Race Course.

The CTO informed us that Rule 9-3, Punjab Motor Vehicle Rules, 1969, had been amended to facilitate citizens.  Due to the amendment, the process of obtaining a driving license would be easier as the time taken from six weeks had been reduced to 15 days, said Taimur Khan. 

He informed them that, following the orders of Additional Inspector General (IG) Traffic, Mirza Faran Baig, CTP Rawalpindi, the citizens who failed the driving and sign test would be able to retake the test after 15 days at the traffic headquarters race course. 

Earlier, there was a waiting period of 6 weeks for failing the driving test, the CTO said, adding that now that the process would be easier to get a license, the six-week period had been reduced to 15 days so that the citizens could get the driving license easily. 

The CTO said that citizens should get their driving licenses without delay.  “It is not allowed to drive without a driving license on the road,” he added.  “A fine amounting to Rs 2000 is imposed for driving without a license, he informed.  The CTO urged the parents not to allow the children below 18 years of age to drive. — DNA