Pak imports from China tops list; trade increases over US $ 3570 mln


ISLAMABAD, DEC 08 (DNA) – China topped the list of countries from where Pakistan imported different products during the first four months of the current financial year (2020-21), followed by United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore.

The total imports from China during July-October (2020-21) were recorded at US $ 3570.360 million against the US $ 3145.098 million during July-October (2019-21), showing an increase of 13.52 percent during the period, according to State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

This was followed by UAE, where from Pakistan imported goods worth US $ 2188.122 million against the imports of US $ 2468.414 million last year, showing negative growth of 11.35 percent.

Singapore was the at third top country from where Pakistan imported products worth US $ 871.086 million against the imports of US $ 727.840 million last year, showing growth of 19.74 percent, SBP data revealed.

Among other countries, Pakistani imports from Saudi Arabia stood at US $ 634.207 million against US $ 505.339 million during last year, showing growth of 25.50 percent while the imports from United State of America (USA) were recorded at US $ 573.501 million against US $ 523.520 million last year, showing increase of 9.54 percent, the data revealed.

The imports from Kuwait were recorded at US $ 376.881 million against US $ 365.169 million where as the imports from South Korea were recorded at US $ 338.495 million against US $ 235.196 million last year.

During July-October, the imports from Malaysia were recorded at US $ 327.854 million against US $ 329.016 million whereas the imports from Switzerland at US $ 325.852 million against US $ 183.090 million.

Pakistan’s imports from Indonesia were recorded at US $ 313.445 million against US $ 325.351 million where as the imports from Japan stood at US $ 298.539 million against US $ 443.697 million.

Similarly, the imports from UK during the period under review were recorded at US $ 247.254 million against US $ 244.175 million while the imports from Qatar stood at US $ 242.264 million against US $ 706.237 million.

Pakistan’s imports from Thailand were recorded at US $ 235.545 million during the current fiscal year compared to US $ 273.910 million last year, whereas the imports from Oman stood at US $ 170.313 million against US $ 109.087 million. = DNA