Norway climbs four places on Climate Change Performance Index


OSLO – Norway climbed four places and is now in eighth place on the Climate Change Performance Index. Sweden remained in fourth place, while the top three places were empty.

The Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) ranks countries in four areas: greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, energy use, and climate policy.

No country is doing well enough in all areas to deserve a place on the podium, according to the CCPI.

“Even if all countries did the same as those at the top, it would not be enough to avoid dangerous climate change,” the CCPI warned.

“More is required”

Thus, the Swedes are the best in the world, despite the fact that they are in fourth place. Behind them follow the United Kingdom and Denmark.

Norway ended up in twelfth place a year ago but is now in eighth place.

Thus, the country surpassed Finland and India.

Norway is doing well in renewable energy and emissions. Despite a significant decline in energy consumption per person in recent years, Norway still got a low score in that category.

“Countries that are ranked high have no reason to relax. Even greater efforts and action from the authorities are required to get the world on a course to keep the temperature rise below 2 degrees. Or even better, keep it below 1.5 degrees,” the CCPI added.

US at the bottom

The EU is highlighted as a winner and has risen six places to number 16.

The Union has announced that it plans to be climate neutral by 2050.