The Tashkent Conference on Children Rights


Justice Ali Nawaz Chowhan

In collaboration with UN specialized agencies and supported by the “ZAMIN” international public foundation the government of Uzbekistan held web forum dedicated to world children day and resolved to celebrate this day annually on 20th November. I take this opportunity of congratulating the progressive president of Uzbekistan, its government, the sponsors and the UN agencies for taking this initiative.

The conference was highly successful. Where speeches were made by the first deputy secretary general of UN, Amina Muhammad, UN deputy secretary general Tatyana Valovaya, UN secretary general special representative Natalia Gherman. The other institutions, NGOs and organizations and I myself attended the web forum through video conference in view of COVID-19.

The Geneva declaration of the Rights of the child of 1924 is the starting point in the matter of children Rights. In line was the convention on 20th Nov 1959. Besides, the welfare of Children was recognized in the universal declaration of Human Rights in the two international covenants of 1966 pertaining to civil, political, social and cultural Rights.

Reference may also be made in this connection to the Beijing rules declaration on the protection of children in emergency and Armed Conflict.

The web forum was highlighting the principles of the convention of 1959 which entered into force on 2nd September, 1990. Emphasis was also laid in protecting the rights of the child’s to life, health, education and leisure. It asked for protection of children from violence and discrimination. It envisages developing a child friendly environment around the world through dialogue and action.

Uzbekistan has taken a lead in these times of conflicts around the globe where children are victims. They are also being used as child soldiers, their trafficking goes on and many were killed as refugees while trying to cross the Atlantic.

There is also a need for providing justice to the juveniles and protecting the children from the rampant, sex abuse.

The dedication of 20th November as world children day by the Tashkent web forum is a laudable objective. Now every year there will be a focus on children and their Rights as guaranteed by various conventions as aforementioned.

I once more congratulate the organizers of the web forum and the government of Uzbekistan in setting the ball rolling in the interest of the welfare of the suffering children and for advocating the Rights guaranteed by the conventions.

The Author is a former International Judge of the UN at The Hague, Chief Justice of the Gambia, First Chairman of National Commission for the Human Rights Pakistan, Judge of the superior judiciary, Co-Chair Person UNESCO, Professor of International Law etc.