Regional alliances


By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

The diplomatic relations between countries from across the South Asian region to North America have always been in the news. This is so because of the regional alliances that have been forging between countries.

Where Pakistan and China have been moving forward with the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Egypt has recently called for reviving its historic relations with Sri Lanka. The ties between China and India have been sour following the Ladakh crisis.

It is yet to be seen how they will move on with their differences.  Furthermore, Afghanistan and the US are trying to end past bitterness and enter into a new era of peace. Recently, the UAE and Bahrain announced to fortify their ties with Israel. Furthermore, according to reports, China and Cuba are also anticipating to add value to their diplomatic ties.

These regional alliances need to be bolstered continuously because of the economic and trade interests of the countries that are linked with it. This enables the countries part of these alliances to put their objectives on the table so that any doubts and confusion can be handled smoothly.

For Pakistan, its diplomatic relations with China brings fruitful impacts on the CPEC and between their all-weathered relation that Islamabad and Beijing have been enjoying for decades.

When talking about diplomatic ties, we cannot ignore the US-Iran relation that remains turbulent. US-Russia ties have been more or less unsettled ever since the Cold War ended.

It is imperative for countries – both present in a region or across continents – to understand their boundaries, respect their agenda, and pursue a win-win situation. The need of the hour for diplomats and ambassadors is to uphold the spirit of harmony, tolerance, mutual trust, and interfaith harmony to co-exist in the world that is already burdened with so much abhorred.