Monal hosts enchanting sun set event for diplomats


ISLAMABAD: (DNA)- CEO and Founder of Monal Group Luaqman Ali Afzal hosted a sun set dinner for the diplomats, at Monal Tree House, Pir Sohawa. It was a big diplomatic gathering in post-COVID times. A large number of diplomats from various European, Central Asian, African and American countries attended the event. Sun set dinner is Monal’s annual event that takes place either in September or first week of October.

Through this event, diplomats are provided with an opportunity of witnessing enchanting view of sun set from Monal Tree House.


Monal, after COVID period is now fully operational. People have welcomed re-opening of Monal and immediately thronged to the place in order to enjoy and relish traditional and delicious Monal delicacies.

The diplomats who attended the event also welcomed the re-opening of Monal for it is a preferred place for them for dinning. DNA