UN picks Hadiqa Bahsir as 17 member in global cohort of young leaders



SWAT, SEPT 25 – Eighteen year old human rights activist Hadiqa Bahsir from Swat was selected as one of the 17 members in global cohort of young leaders on sustainable development goals by United Nations. The UN recognises 17 young changemakers, who are leading efforts to combat the world’s most pressing issues and whose leadership is catalyzing the achievement of the SDGs on a biennial basis.

These young leaders aging between 18 and 29 years old represent the diverse voices of young people from every region of the world and are collectively responsible for activating millions of young people in support of the SDGs.Hadiqa Bashir was born in 2002 in iftikhar’s home at saidu sharif swat, she was working on the issue to end child marriages concept in Pakistan since 2013.

”During my efforts I successfully abandoned 7 early marriages at different localities at Swat , she said. When I started work on the issue mostly people I met hasn’t proper awareness and had poverty issues which compels parents to sell their children or allow girl’s in minor age, she added.

Hadiqa said that at marghazar area of Swat she provided financial support to one a family who are going to arrange marriage of her child in early stage due to poverty, we formalise strategy that how can we assist the family financially to end this early marriage.

She further went on saying that at many areas of her home town where mostly women’s were facimg harassment issues in public streets due to lack of proper lighting arrangement after which she started efforts and ensures street lights in each and every streets.

Talking to this Correspondent bashir’s father’s Iftikhar Hussain said that we are very happy for her nomination, I will support my daughter at every stage and forum, she will be role model for other girls in the entire region. Answering to a questions Hussain told that my daughter is visionary and confident, the day is not far when she will emerged successful in her mission,he added.