PIA flight lands safely at Karachi airport after mid-air fault


KARACHI : A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight landed safely at Karachi airport, after it developed a technical fault en route from Abu-Dhabi to Peshawar.

According to details, the pilot of PIA flight no. PK-218 contacted air traffic controller (ATC) after the plane developed mid-air fault in its hydraulics system. The pilot of the plane wisely landed it safely at Karachi airport.

PIA spokesperson told that the flight will take off for Peshawar as soon as the fault is fixed and the passengers of the flight are being provided facilities. It may  be mentioned here that an aircraft of a private flying club narrowly survived mishap at the Islamabad International airport, after tyre of the plane got punctured while landing.

The pilot wisely controlled the plane and landed it safely by avoid any loss.

In the month of May, a PIA flight PK-8303 from the eastern city of Lahore crashed into the Model Colony neighbourhood on approach to Karachi’s main international airport, killing 97 of the 99 people on board.

There were only two survivors from the crash, who were rushed to nearby hospital when the plane slammed into a residential area.