Azerbaijan discloses results of research related to parliamentary elections


BAKU, FEB 06  – – The Azerbaijani Resource Analytical Information Center has published the results of research in connection with the early parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan, Head of the center, political expert Rasim Guliyev said.“The center was registered in August 2019,” Guliyev said, reports referring to the Analytical Information Resource Center.“The center’s goal is to research and analyze the ongoing events in the country, region and the world,” head of the center added.“We conducted the research in connection with the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan. Some 5,238 voters, as well as a big number of MP candidates were registered as part of the elections,” Guliyev said.

“The voter turnout was 42 percent during the parliamentary elections in 2005, 46 percent in 2010 and 55 percent in 2015. During the municipal elections, voter turnout was 32.2 percent,” the head of the center added. “As this institution of local self-government is relatively young, the population’s awareness of this issue is not high. So, the interest in municipal elections is not high enough. The voter turnout during the recent parliamentary elections was 55 percent, while during the presidential election – 85 percent.”

“Ensuring of transparency in the process of nomination, registration of candidates, meetings with voters show that all conditions have been created for candidates amid the upcoming elections,” the head of the center said.

“According to the results of our monitoring, no big offenses were registered,” Guliyev said. “There were minor violations made by individual candidates, which were caused by lack of information. Such cases are observed all over the world. However, this is an undesirable fact.”

“The interesting facts were registered during our research,” the head of the center added. “As part of the upcoming elections, 2,431 people from 19 political parties, one union and two blocs appealed to the district election commissions, 1,637 candidates of them were registered. Later, 312 people withdrew their candidacies. The ruling New Azerbaijan Party nominated candidates from almost all constituencies.”

“If we pay attention to the age of the candidates, it is possible to say that the interest of young people in this process is growing,” Guliyev said. “This time, 82 candidates aged 18-28, 407 candidates aged 29-39, 542 candidates aged 40-45, 251 candidates aged 56-66 and 43 candidates older 67 have been registered.”

“Eight 22-year-old candidates were registered, which testifies to an increase in confidence in the elections,” the head of the center said. “The candidacies of two 82-year-old people were also registered.”

“The society has great confidence in the current elections,” the head of the center added. “This year, 22.58 percent of the total number, that is 299 candidates, are women, which is a record high. Most of those who want to take part in the elections are intellectuals. This time, journalists are very active.”

“The main factor contributing to the transparency of elections in Azerbaijan is the stable state building in Azerbaijan in 2005-2020, as well as maintaining this stability,” Guliyev said.

“Stable development in the country positively affects the living standard of the population,” the head of the center said. “As the parliamentary elections will be held almost immediately after municipal elections, all constituencies are ready for this process.”

“Preparation for the elections is carried out at the highest level,” Guliyev added. “The individuals involved in the elections, in particular, candidates from opposition parties, acknowledge that preparation for the parliamentary elections is carried out in accordance with the modern standards and there are no obstacles for the candidates.”

The parliamentary elections will be held in Azerbaijan on February 9.