Parliamentary elections are integral part of recent reforms in Azerbaijan: Namig Kamal Yildirim


BAKU, FEB 06 –  Parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan are an integral part of recent reforms in the country. This is important for the further development of Azerbaijan, founder of “Can Azerbaycan” Media Company Namig Kamal told.Stating that last week, he visited Baku in connection with the presentation of the book “Cry, carnation, cry”, which reflects Black January events and is published by “Can Azerbayan” Media Company in Turkey, Yildirim said: “I felt inspiring and reviving atmosphere in the city. Everyone I talked to was preparing for the February 9 parliamentary elections. The work carried out by the Azerbaijani government towards the democratic and transparent elections is clearly visible. This is a worthy point”.

In addition, Yildirim mentioned that Turkish parliamentarians would visit Azerbaijan to observe the elections.

“Most of the candidates are young people. This is an obvious sign of the young generation’s belief in the bright future of the country, as well as the confidence in the youth. In my opinion, you cannot observe the development path that Azerbaijan has passed over the last 10 years in no country of the world. To witness Azerbaijan’s day by day progress is a source of proud for Turkey”, he stressed.