DNA ANALYSIS: Maryam Nawaz bail deflates Fazl movement


ISLAMABAD (DNA) The grant of bail to PML N leader Maryam Nawaz appears to have deflated the movement of Maulana Fazl ur Rehman, for PML N now shall be able to be part of Maulana movement anymore.

And without the support of these two mainstream parties such as PML N and PPP Maulana’s Dharna cannot achieve the desired goals.

WARY FORWARD FOR MAULANA: Maulana now will try to get a face saving. Exactly what happened in the case of Tahirul Qadri, when he came to Islamabad at D Chowk and when the purpose was served, he then was given  a safe passage by signing an MoU with him that all is demands shall be met.

Once dharna ended, everybody including Dr. Qadri, forgot about the MoU. Same is likely to happen now. The govt may offer Maulana safe passage by agreeing to his demands and getting time for fulfillment of those demands.

Once he announces to finish his sit in, everything is likely to go to back burner. Since Maulana has promised too much to his people therefore he would like to have a strong deal, in order to tell his people that he has won a good deal at the end of the day.

In any case, Maulana turns out be a winner ultimately as he had nothing to lose when he started his Azadi march. In fact the march has given a new lease of life to Maulana and his party, which had gone in hibernation after the elections, as it failed to win too many seats.

Even if the Imran Khan govt survives this Azadi march, things are likely to get worse for it because so far it has failed to live up the expectation of people. Ordinary people did not join the march because they like Maulana, but they did it because of their disenchantment of govt policies.

PPP may still be on board with Maulana till the time it gets relief for its jailed leaders albeit it may not be part of any longer term dharnas.

Maulana’s march can be a trailer. The tug of war among powers that be is likely to get a new turn in the coming days. Therefore such dharnas and marches cannot be ruled out altogher.