Deakin University’s first ever Deakin Week in Pakistan began today


The 2019 Deakin Week in Pakistan goes beyond showcasing Deakin’s strengths; it demonstrates the University’s unique relationship with Pakistan.For nearly 20 years, Deakin has been one of Australia’s largest beneficiaries of Pakistan outbound students. These students have worked hard and achieved incredible success in a variety of fields, helping to grow Deakin’s name and reputation.Deakin Week in Pakistan illustrates how partners’ expertise, knowledge and networks can be enriched through regular engagement with Deakin.

This will be highlighted through professional development, internationalizing curricula, collaborative research pathways and global citizenship initiatives. With the theme ‘Creating Connections and Partnerships’, Deakin Week in Pakistan is aimed to strengthen Deakin’s connection with Pakistan through engaging all partners, agents and other stakeholders.

As part of the first ever Deakin Week in Pakistan, following public events are being held in Lahore and Islamabad where select audience are participating through prior registration and screening.

The Deakin Engage series involves a sequence of lectures and events promoting the work and thoughts of Pakistani and Australian public intellectuals, opinion leaders, academics, political leaders and community leaders.

The first event of this series was held today at PC Lahore in partnership with The Lahore Chamber of Commerce.

The second event of this series is scheduled to be held at Marriott Islamabad on 8th November in partnership with Islamabad Chamber of Commerce.

Friends of Deakin Dinner is also being organized to bring on board alumni, partners and other stakeholders at one platform to further strengthen partnerships and create more connections. Friends of Deakin Dinner will be held in Lahore on 5th November PC Hotel and 7th November in Islamabad at Serena Hotel.

The Alfred Deakin Oration series will involve a sequence of lectures and events promoting the work and thoughts of South Asian public intellectuals, opinion leaders, academics, political and community leaders.

The Alfred Deakin Orations will celebrate both the contribution of South Asian intellectuals and the success of Deakin University academics from South Asian backgrounds. The First event of this series is scheduled to be held at University of Health Sciences Lahore on 6th November.

Deakin’s faculty members of various departments such as Health, Business and Law and Science, Engineering and Built Environment and Arts and Educations are also participating at these events and are available for interaction and guidance for students and media.

Please join us to help celebrate Deakin’s new and old partnerships in Pakistan. Hosted by Mr Carl Jones, Deakin University International Manager, these events will celebrate the ongoing role played by our friends, alumni and key partners.