PM Imran highlights plight of Kashmiris in speech at Asia Society


NEW YORK (DNA) – Prime Minister Imran Khan in his address at a ceremony at the Asia Society in New York on Thursday highlighted the plight of people of Kashmir.PM Imran urged int l community to take serious actions against illegal and unilateral steps taken by India in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir to avoid any human tragedy.PM Imran said that the world should realize that a serious situation is developing in Kashmir. The fact is that eight million people are under siege for almost 52 days.

He said that it’s dangerous because I fear there will be bloodshed whenever the siege is lifted. When there is bloodshed, there will be repercussions which will go further outside Kashmir. It will raise tension between Pakistan and India as happened last February.

“Every war, in my opinion, is miscalculated. You go after one issue to resolve it, it gives birth to other issues. Anyone who thinks to settle issues through war, they really need to have their head examined,” he said.

Commenting on the dialogue on Kashmir with India, Imran Khan said that after coming into powere his government has tried several times to negotiate with BJP government.

He, however, said that the negotiation process with Indian now subject to lifting of curfew from Kashmir valley.

He said the future of the Kashmir should be decided as per aspiration of Kashmiris as promised by United Nations Security Council through resolutions.