US, British envoys make a rare appearance at Ukraine day reception


Ambassador Volodymyr Lakomov says relations with Pakistan excellent

By Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

ISLAMABAD, SEPT 20 (DNA) – Ambassador of Ukraine Volodymyr Lakomov hosted a grand reception to celebrate 28th anniversary of Independence Day of Ukraine.The US and British envoys made a special appearance at the event to make the independence day function unique as both of them do not attend such receptions on regular basis.

Chairman Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir Syed Fakhar Imam was the chief guest.

Their presence ostensibly sent strong signals to the Russians that the United States of America and Britain were on the side of Ukraine in its tussle with the Russian Federation.

Apart from US and Britain, ambassadors and high commissioners of the European countries were also conspicuous with their presence thus showing solidarity with the people of Ukraine and the Ukraine government.

Ambassador of Ukraine Volodymyr Lakomov in his remarks thanked all those attending the reception in large numbers adding his country wished to have friendly relations with all.

He said Pakistan was among our best friends. “Today both Ukraine and Pakistan share close and special relationship. Both countries strive to achieve stability, human development and economic growth for the well being of all citizens.

He said these commonalities make the connection and collaboration between Ukraine and Pakistan so natural and fertile.

The ambassador said Ukraine as a proud sovereign nation existed since very ancient time in European continent. The first European democratic constitution, the Ukrainian one, was written in 1710.

He said Ukrainians are said to be born free because freedom has always been at the forefront of all political and social processes in Ukraine.

Ambassador Lakomov added “today we continue to struggle for freedom and independent development. This year many important events took place in our country- among them were the presidential and parliamentary elections”.

He said the international leading experts clearly demonstrated the high level standards of mature democracy in Ukraine.

He said, the newly-elected President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy received majority of votes of Ukrainians. With this tremendous victory he demonstrated a strong intention to lead Ukraine to a prosperous future.

While touching upon salient features of Ukraine foreign policy, the ambassador said Ukraine was shaped by clearly defined priorities. Cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union was a strategic choice based on shared history and values.

“Within the aim to implement European values we move consistently and responsibly in implementing reforms and joint projects. Slower inflation, reduced budget deficit have already led to economic growth which is according to the latest statistics one of the highest in Europe”, he added.

He however noted that Ukraine still faces security challenges and fights against Russian aggression not only for its own independence and sovereignty but for the freedom and security of the whole Europe.

Russia, he said, should not and will not undermine Ukraine’s reform agenda for the democratic choice of its people to live in a free and fair society.=DNA