Nigerian high commissioner fetes Pak envoy to Morocco


ISLAMABAD, AUG 01 (DNA) -Maj. Gen (Retd) Ashimiyu Adebayo Olaniyi High Commissioner of Federal Republic of Nigeria hosted a reception for the newly-appointed Pakistani ambassador to Morocco Hamid Asghar Khan.The Nigerian high commissioner lauded role of Hamid Asghar Khan in facilitating the foreign missions especially the African missions in his capacity of Director General Africa.Hamid Asghar Khan as DG Africa did his best to promote and strengthen Pakistan’s relations with the African countries.The high commissioner also mentioned about recently held Africa conference chaired by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi adding Hamid Asghar Khan played central role in convening of the African conference.He said Hamid Asghar in his capacity of Director General Africa had arranged a meeting of the African ambassadors and high commissioners with the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, which ultimately led to holding of the African dialogue.

The Nigerian envoy further said Hamid Asghar is a go-getter and gifted with huge talent therefore his country can rightly be proud of him.

The newly appointed Ambassador of Morocco Hamid Asghar Khan in his brief remarks thanked the high commissioner for hosting him and his friends thus providing him with a chance of meeting with close friends.

He said Africa is an important and vibrant Continent therefore Pakistan has no other option but to focus on this Continent. He said future of mankind lies in the African Continent.

He said during his last meeting with President of Pakistan he suggested the President to undertake visits to African countries with a view to strengthening ties with the vibrant Continent.

He said he would try his best to promote and strengthen relations between Pakistan and Morocco.=DNA