CDA, MCI develop environmental friendly machinery


ISLAMABAD, JUL 27 (DNA) –  In an effort to make environment of the city better, Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Metropolitan Corporation have made Asphalt Mixing Plant of its Machinery Pool Organization (MPO) Directorate environment friendly as it is being operated without damaging the environment of city.


In this context, a study was carried out, after taking on board the Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA), in accordance with the standards of Internal Environmental Standards.


All relevant data was collected to establish base line Environmental conditions for the environmental impacts in accordance with the applicable Laws and Regulations.


From the results of air quality, water quality and noise, it is revealed that the Asphalt Mixing Plant is working in conformity with Environmental standards and it is not breaching the National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQs).


It has been further noted that despite of being closer to Kashmir Highway, a major route for entrance and exit of Islamabad, the plant is well operated.


It has been further revealed that Asphalt Mixing Plant at MPO is equipped with latest technology in term of pollution control device.


For dust control the Plant has two dust collectors one is primary dust collection unit and the other one is the secondary dust collection unit. The Plant site is surrounding by trees which are acting as a dust barrier.


It is pertinent to mention here that Asphalt Mixing Plant of MPO Directorate is being used for carpeting major avenues, roads within sectors, marakiz and markets of the city and sufficient funds are saved as being carried out through own resources at much cheaper rates as compared to awarding to a contractor.


Moreover, the Asphalt Mixing Plant of MPO being equipped with modern technology is among the state of the art facility.


In line with the Authority’s policy of self reliance and financial discipline, material for road carpeting is also being obtained from this Asphalt Mixing Plant.


A comprehensive plan for the road carpeting in the city has been formulated which would be executed during the current financial year and in the first phase roads and streets within the sectors would be re-carpeted.=DNA