MP: Azerbaijan setting example of holding int’l events at highest level


BAKU, (DNA) – People who are used in foreign countries against Azerbaijan are ignored even by their families, vice-speaker of the Azerbaijani parliament Bahar Muradova, as part of the “Interview with Sahil Karimli” project.She said that Azerbaijan is a country where socio-political stability has been maintained at the highest level for three decades already, however, certain circles don’t want to see the country developing and stable.

“These circles act both as leaders and executors,” she added. “Azerbaijan perceives this as something natural, and only becomes stronger in determination to resist. However, only one thing is impossible – to put up with the participation of our compatriots in such issues. These are those who couldn’t realize their political ambitions and interests at home, and to lead their fellow citizens. After fully realizing that there is no field of activity for them in Azerbaijan, they are trying to downplay the importance of the policy of the head of state leading the people to development.”

“International circles are recruiting such people with the aim of using them against Azerbaijan, and these people are ignored even by their own families,” she said. “Such individuals are used for some time and then thrown away as garbage. I believe that such things shouldn’t bother us. We simply need to step up efforts to protect our young people from the influence of hostile forces. Each parent must prepare his or her child for the struggle in the name of the interests of Azerbaijan, and not allow the child’s acting against the state. I believe that in this sense the role of the family is great.”

She stressed that the forces that are used against Azerbaijan are subject to serious public disapproval.

“I wouldn’t want the enemy to be in such a position,” she said. “By taking this situation hard, some of them write about Azerbaijan. These people think about their own little Azerbaijan. I think that it is better to return to the country, repent sins and join the general flow of development, rather than think about mythical Azerbaijan.”

Muradova stressed that Azerbaijan holds international events at the high level.

“The leaders of the countries who hold the same events after our country openly admit that they can’t repeat Azerbaijan’s standards,” she added. “We are proud of that. Azerbaijan is exemplary in organizing various international events at the highest level.”

“All this is done under the pressure of foreign forces and hostile propaganda,” Muradova said. “When during the first European Games, the Islamic Solidarity Games, beautiful modern architectural facilities were built in Azerbaijan, some individuals stressed that these buildings would collapse. But these buildings are safe and sound for several years and have even turned into architectural symbols of modern Azerbaijan.”

“The manner of not recognizing the development and denigrating is a sign of mean intentions,” she said. “The more pressure and attacks on Azerbaijan are committed, the more it resists. We must confidently follow our path. The ongoing projects lead Azerbaijan along the path of development and it is obvious that we succeed better than others.”

“Tourists, athletes, politicians and businessmen visiting Azerbaijan, everyone who visited our country are admiring its achievements. Many international organizations are happy to hold their events in our country.”