Snooker clubs fast becoming hub of notorious activities


ISLAMABAD, DEC 06 (DNA) –Most of the snooker clubs in the vicinity of Capital are fast turning into hubs of notorious activities such as gang fights; use of drugs and abodes of absconding students.A survey has revealed that snooker clubs especially located in Sectors G 10 and G 12 have become safe havens for drugs addicts and students who flee from schools and come to these clubs to while away time and money.

Details further reveal that students of even reputed educational institutions leave their homes for schools but actually land into these snooker clubs. Sometimes school management gives a phone call to the parents of absent student and then parents come to know that their child did not go to school.

A consequent search operation carried by the hapless parents leads them to such hubs of unpleasant activities called snooker clubs.

Snooker clubs fast becoming hub of notorious activities

When DNA inquired from an owner of a snooker club located in Sector G 10 that why don’t you disallow all those students who come here to play during school time?.

“It is our business and we cannot stop anybody from coming here”, was the outright reply of the owner.

Many families have complained that their children have started taking drugs as majority of people coming to these snooker clubs is illiterate and wayward.

The situation has compelled the parents to demand from the local police authorities to take cognizance of such activities, which go unabated under their noose.

If not checked, the future of youth may become bleak, moaned a father who had come to a snooker club in search of his son.-=DNA