Indonesian nationals living in Pakistan gather at the embassy


ISLAMABAD, (DNA) – The Indonesian Embassy in Islamabad organized a gathering of Indonesian Community. The aim of the gathering was to make the Indonesian citizens especially Indonesian students studying in Pakistan well informed on matters related to local immigration regulations as well as to accommodate their aspirations along their stay in Pakistan.DNA 01-02

They were informed about the procedure of study visa extension and the uniqueness of the local situation in Pakistan. By knowing all the necessary rules, regulations and local custom they could adapt into the new environment, stay comfortable and focus on their studies.

Speaking on this occasion the Indonesian Ambassador H.E. Mr. Iwan Suyudhie Amri said that the Embassy is home for all Indonesian living in Pakistan and will always be with them to facilitate solving their problems.

In addition to the consular issues, the Embassy also briefs the Indonesian community regarding the current issues in Pakistan and Indonesia in particular effort to promote bilateral relations between the two countries. Considering the upcoming Indonesian general election in 2019, the occasion was also used to update and re-register the number of Indonesian citizens having the right to vote.