Popular cough syrup recalled from Pakistani market


ISLAMABAD, APR 10 (DNA) –  The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (Drap) has recalled commonly-prescribed cough syrup Sancos from the market after stability data of the drug was found out of specification. The company, Norvartis, has advertised that it has been voluntarily recalling Sancos syrup of all doses from the market. It says the decision has been taken in line with the commitment to patients’ safety and ethical practices. It further says that the syrup was manufactured by a third party.

Pakistan sancos syrup recalled

The syrup is sold across the country and is commonly prescribed for cough.

In its letter, the regulatory body said it was reported that the Sancos stability data was out of specification. As the product contained controlled drug, the company was directed to recall all the products from the jurisdiction of Islamabad. Moreover, the company was directed to submit a detailed report.

Pakistan sancos syrup recalled

The regulatory body claimed that some elements had started circulating the letters on the social media due to which a panic was created. “According to our information, now syrup is not being sold at medical stores and doctors have also learnt about the issue,” the spokesperson said.