battop launches new foldable Bluetooth keyboard


OCT 30 (DNA) – Battop (via Amazon) has the Battop Foldable Keyboard for $18.62 when you apply promo code CW5JX9HF at checkout. It normally sells for $27, which is already a solid deal — but $18.62 is better. The keyboard is available in your choice of five colors: black, white, gold, black/gray, and white/gray. (The code should work with any of them.) Out of the five, I’d say the white/gray version wins the Snazzy Award. Weighing just over half a pound and able to operate for up to 40 hours on its rechargeable battery, the keyboard stows easily in just about any bag. When folded, it resembles a three-hole punch and measures just 9.4 x 2.2 x 0.7 inches.

Unfold it and it’s a full QWERTY keyboard, complete with a row of number keys (something you might not expect given its size). It’s a touch narrower than standard, but comfortable enough for touch-typing (unless you have really meaty paws).

Better still, it has a built in stand to hold your phone or tablet upright. That’s actually a rare feature in a lot of mobile keyboards. Just don’t expect to use it in your lap, as it doesn’t lock open; it needs a hard, flat surface.