Kapil Sharma introduces the love of his life


MAR 18, (DNA) – Kapil Sharma has finally revealed his lover and that too on social networking site Twitter. In an adorable tweet, he called Ginni aka Bhavneeth Chatrarth his better half who ‘completes him’. Kapil’s fans are surprised and happy for him as he has at last shared his personal life with them. Kapil tweeted, “Will not say she is my better half… she completes me… love u ginni… please welcome her… I love her so much :).”

The comedian-turned actor has asked his fans to welcome the new girl in his life. Kapil admiited being in a relationship with Ginni and people are wondering when will the two get married. He made the fans wait for about half an hour before tweeting the photo.

Both have stayed in a relationship for over two years. Bhavneeth had earlier also shared a photo with Kapil Sharma and her family with the caption “My Family”.

Kapil and Ginni had met long before during college days. Ginni is also a comedian which is why the two get along pretty good. They have been together for about ten years now. Kapil used to tell his friends that he would marry a girl like her.=DNA