Here is why spending time with parents is necessary?


MAR 17, (DNA) -As we grew old, our priorities got changed with time and in some cases, studies and work kept us busy to weeks or even for months. Searching for work, and moving to other parts will also make us busy. In all such scenario, we often forget that our parents are getting old and weak too. They need us more in old age.

However, there are people whose first priority is always their family and parents while there are some of us who really got lost in our journey and forget that an entire world exits as well.

Moreover, staying in less contact with your parents may influence on their health negatively which has now proved by a research as well.

According to a newest study, conducted by University of California-San Francisco, 1,600 older adults were taken and their functional decline, loneliness and deaths were evaluated during the research.

The results says 23% adults died within the period of study, due to loneliness, 14% other adults died but they had appropriate fellowship.

The research also figured it out that 43% adults feel isolated, thus, it is loneliness that makes human suffer specifically in older age and lead towards numerous medical issues i.e. cognitive decline, depression, and cardiovascular disease.

Lastly, no matter how life gets busy try to take your parents out and spend time with them, it will benefit them both physically and emotionally.