Nominal cut in petrol price


ISLAMABAD: The government on Thursday announced a nominal decrease of 48 paisa in the price of petrol for November in contrast to Ogra’s suggestion of Rs2.48 per litre cut. The price has fallen from Rs113.24 to Rs112.76 per litre. The prices of other petroleum products witnessed a nominal reduction. In its summary sent to the petroleum ministry on Wednesday Ogra proposed a reduction in the petrol price. Sources said the proposal was based on prices in the international market during the past 25 days. According to a government notification, with a decrease of 0.20 paisa the new price of HSD (high speed diesel), the most widely consumed petroleum product in the country, is Rs116.75 per litre. The price of LDO (light diesel oil) remained unchanged at Rs 101.24 per litre. There is a 0.13 paisa per litre decrease in the price of SKO (kerosene), bringing it down to Rs108 per litre.

The Ogra summary proposed a raise in the prices of all the three products.

Only the reduction in the price of HOBC (high octane blending component) is as according to the Ogra summary — Rs2.67 per litre. The new price of the product is Rs141.23 per litre.

The prices of aviation fuel also registered a slight decrease, with JP-1 moved down to Rs96.35 per litre with a cut of 0.07 paisa and that of JP-4 to Rs88.59 with 0.93 paisa and JP-8 to Rs96 with 0.07 paisa.

The price of E-10 (bio-blended fuel) has been reduced by 0.48 paisa to 110.26 per litre.